Sixth Form

IB at Marlborough

The IB Diploma Programme at Marlborough College Malaysia is special.

The IB experience at Marlborough is uniquely inclusive, with every Sixth Form pupil being given the opportunity to achieve and succeed. Marlborough does not reserve it exclusively for the academically most capable, and its success vindicates both this egalitarian philosophy, Marlborough’s spirit of ambition and the quality of its teaching.

The IB subject choices at Marlborough are among the widest in the region and the College regularly receives requests from schools, universities and teacher training colleges from throughout Asia to provide insight and advice.

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The philosophy of the IB dovetails uniquely with the College’s ethos, prizing endeavour, a global outlook and service to others. Its CAS requirements (creativity, activity and service) are embedded in the Marlborough tradition and curriculum not just in the Sixth Form, but throughout the entire College. Marlborough has meaningful and longstanding relationships with local state schools, charitable organisations and on-site initiatives such as Barton Farm, our own organic mini-farm which is a pupil-run enterprise in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals. These enable our IB candidates to complete core elements of the Diploma Programme without buying services from external companies to provide a perfunctory and hollow experience.

IB at Marlborough is more than just a qualification; it is about shaping character, building relationships and instilling values for life.