Sixth Form

Beyond Subject Choices

It is essential that all students can attest to some experience of leadership; it speaks to a courageous and responsible character. As well as being selected as a College prefect or serving on the Marlburian or CAS committees, Sixth Form students can fill leadership positions in their Houses, captain teams for all inter-House competitions, act as peer mentors, run The College Chronicle, address every Senior School assembly, host events like MCM Rocks and advocate for important issues. A leadership course has been facilitated by the Master’s wife; its ‘graduates’ have since gone on to cascade their knowledge to their peers.


The College is committed to learning with a particular focus on engagement with the local community. Ed Club involves weekly Skype lessons with children from the school in Sungai Melayu. Students also teach English to our wonderful Estates staff. The College also has links with a number of local orphanages as well as homes for the elderly and the disabled for whom our Sixth Form students regularly fundraise, volunteer or arrange events. Other students are actively involved in local marine conservation projects.


The acquisition of soft skills is integral to the Sixth Form experience. Invitations to formal dinners hosted in the College and attendance at Lectern Club are just some of the opportunities tailor-made to build inter-personal assurance. Sixth Form students are required to demonstrate good manners, kindness and warmth in everything they do. Visitors always comment on the exemplary conduct of the students whom they encounter.