Marlborough College Nursery


A Great British Education

Marlborough College Malaysia Nursery, situated in Johor, runs during term time for children aged 3 years.

The sessions take place on weekdays during term time from 8.00am to 3.15pm with an additional supervised provision, should parents choose to collect their child at 4.15pm.  The day will include lunch and snacks with a rest period and all co-curricular activities are included within the fees.

British Nursery in Johor

Marlborough College Malaysia’s Nursery provides a unique foundation for the future education of our youngest learners.

The curriculum links directly into the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) framework. It overlays this with experiential learning both in the classroom and outside, as we bring pupils out of the nursery to immerse themselves in nature through our outdoor classroom and Barton Farm visits. This holistic approach means that each child can learn at their own natural pace through exploration, discovery and play – learning to ask and answer questions from the very start of their educational journey.

We believe that even the youngest child is already highly capable, creative and curious about the world. Given the right environment within which to do this, they become more resourceful and resilient problem solvers. The integration of outdoor learning at our international nursery provides a connection to the natural world within our 90-acre estate; a healthier way for them to learn, developing physically and emotionally. This leads to increased focus and concentration back in the classroom.

Collaborating on projects aligned with each term’s theme, the children also develop the personal, social and emotional skills essential for a successful life, whatever path they should choose to follow. Using real-world resources and with a healthy focus on being sustainable and environmentally aware, the wonder and joy on their faces when they make the connections, which help them on their life-long learning journey beginning at our international nursery, is a driving factor in our ongoing development of the programme.

For further information on the Nursery, our British curriculum, and availability of places, as well as more information about our outstanding facilities in Johor, please contact us here.