Year 8 | Upper Prep | 12-13 Years

Prep Year Group

In preparation for the step up to Senior School, our Year 8 pupils continue the excellent work done in Year 7. In the final year of their Prep School careers they are offered more responsibilities in the form of whole Prep School positions like School Captains and Form Pangawas. The transition to Senior School is carried out step by step so as not to intimidate our pupils with substantial involvement from the senior pupil body and Senior beaks to give our Prep pupils friendly faces when they move up.

Lessons continue as they do in Year 7 with specialists at the helm and our pupils continue to have a tutor who meets with them formally twice a day and checks in on them frequently informally around the school. As in previous year groups, three-way communication between pupils, parents, and beaks is encouraged, and in addition in Year 8, we believe that our pupils should begin to initiate contact if issues arise developing their maturity.

As the top of the Prep School, the Year 8 pupils are the example for which other our younger pupils look up to. This is a responsibility that our Year 8 take seriously, and they enjoy helping out on formal occasions such as Open Mornings, Pre-Prep Schools Days and when visitors come. We are incredibly proud of them, as they are of their school this is always on display in all aspects in and out of school.