Year 7 | Upper Prep | 11-12 Years

Prep Year Group

Being the first year of Key Stage 3, our pupils have two years of preparation at the top of our Prep School before progressing to the next stage of their education at age 13. During these two years, they are fully prepared for their move to our Senior School. Pastoral care is provided by a team tutors who make contact with their tutees formally twice a day, but are equally around if needed at all times. Clear three-way communication is key between pupil, parent, and tutor; each tutor is available via email. Parents are encouraged to use the Form Tutor as the first point of contact for a range of issues from attendance to the dreaded lost PE bag.

Academically there is no ‘treading water’ in Year 7 as the pupils continue to be challenged and supported throughout by subject specialists and there are also opportunities to participate in a range of activities to further broaden their horizons.

The pupils of Year 7 are guided through the year academically and pastorally to prepare them for the challenges of Year 8. We recognise that the step up from Year 6 or another school is a daunting one and the team of tutors is experienced in their approach to caring for such issues.