Year 5 | Lower Prep | 9-10 Years

Prep Year Group

Pupils in Year 5 move to having all lessons throughout the week taught by specialist subject teachers and visiting more areas of the Prep School for their lessons. The pupils will be a member of a form who are supported by a pastoral form tutor who they will see at the beginning of the day, lunchtime and for PSHE and form times throughout the week. Many lessons will be spent together as a form but most academic subjects will be arranged into groups where the pupils can work at a pace that is challenging for them yet realistic.

Pupils in Year 5 have an extensive co-curricular programme incorporated into their day. Chosen activities exploring the arts, sport and creative skills are encouraged to enrich their already busy life at the College. There is the opportunity to be involved in the Year 5 and 6 joint drama production in the Lent Term. House competitions continue throughout the year where individual house points and merits contribute to the House Cup Competition. The year concludes with a residential camp experiencing some adventurous activities. This aids the development of problem-solving skills, increases resilience and allows friendships to be strengthened and enjoyed.

Organisation, responsibility and resilience will be the key to success in Year 5. Pupils will work hard on their 3 C’s skills and explore and display their meanings further to become the best versions of themselves throughout the year.