Year 4 | Lower Prep | 8-9 Years

Prep Year Group

In Year 4, the children are taught a wholesome curriculum, which includes the vital parts of early education. The children have access to one-on-one iPads and this supports all the subjects and greatly influences their development of fundamental research based subjects like Science, History and Geography.

In Year 4, the children are taught holistically, this way of learning honours life experience, both achievements and road blocks. In the classroom, you will find children working on hands-on projects and creating new learning opportunities. This includes trips to Kampung Sungai Melayu where we learn about the local environment. We also have theme afternoons such as Roald Dahl, Aztec and Viking afternoons. At the end of the academic year we go to Riders Lodge for our two night residential trip.

Year 4 has often been seen as a place of happiness and enjoyment for the pupils. They adore their lessons and their Beaks, they have an absolute sense of pride for the school they are in, not only are they proud but they have impeccable manners. Year 4 tutors harnesses their pupil’s potential and build their pupils into fine, well-presented teenagers who never stop learning and are never afraid to make mistakes, they enjoy taking risks and achieving their dreams.