Why MCM?

Marlborough College Malaysia prides itself on the breadth of opportunity it provides for pupils. Friendship and the appreciation of the talents of others are deepened by teamwork and by individual achievement, and are supported by skilful coaching by teachers. Sport, Art, Design, Drama, Music, Outdoor Activities – all these work to foster confidence, to broaden horizons, to offer opportunities for healthy enjoyment and to help pupils grow both as individuals and as members of our community.

In sport, pupils gain so much from the experience of teamwork, the willingness to commit wholeheartedly to competition, the challenges of handling victory and defeat with grace, the discipline of training and the opportunities to represent others in a fitting manner. We currently have links with schools in Singapore and Malaysia to provide further opportunities for competition and cultural exchange.

The performing and creative arts form an equally valuable part of our community life. Music enriches so many occasions, large and small; players and performers work with outstanding teachers in order to hone their skills, rehearse pieces and, ultimately, to face the challenge of performance. Drama is both exuberant and rigorous; the Art School and the Design Centre hum with creative energy, and the quality of the work of our young artists and actors is impressive.

Outdoor Education provides many chances to develop valuable skills and to grow through challenging experiences. These activities enable adventure and the discovery of the most beautiful parts of Malaysia, Singapore and the south-east Asia region. Pupil-led charitable and service initiatives are encouraged.