International Outlook

Why MCM?

“The school has an evident British educational ethos, is outward-looking and promotes international mindedness.” – COBIS Report 2021

It is clear that our pupils will live and work in an increasingly global environment. As international boundaries come to mean less and less, our qualifications must and will carry a high degree of international portability, but more importantly our pupils must develop the social capability of living and interacting productively with people from all over the world. We believe there is no better place to develop these skills than in a boarding school.

Marlborough College, UK has already forged close links with leading schools in the United States, China, Swaziland and Singapore: these links are also open to us in Malaysia.

Marlborough College Malaysia adds value to the experience of the pupils in Marlborough College, UK, and this is reciprocated. We are delighted that an exchange programme is already underway.

Our pupil body is drawn from many parts of the world. The majority of pupils are from Singapore and Malaysia; of these around three-quarters are expat pupils and a quarter are of Malaysian or Singaporean nationality. Boarding pupils join us from Singapore and Malaysia, in particular from Kuala Lumpur, as well as from countries as far away as Japan, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Diversity within the pupil body leads to new friendships with others of difference, and a realisation through our shared experience that we have more in common than we could have imagined. Such friendships last well beyond the confines of a school career and extend throughout the world.