IB Co-ordinator: Kenton Tomlinson


Kenton graduated from the University of Reading first with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and later with a PhD in Organic Photochemistry. His first teaching position was as a VSO volunteer in rural Zambia where he was appointed Head of Science. Kenton returned to the UK after three years and completed his PGCE at Moray House Institute of Education in Edinburgh. After teaching in Nottinghamshire for four years, Kenton returned to Africa as Head of Science at Machabeng College (The International School of Lesotho), where he stayed for a further four years. He spent the next five years as Head of Science at the Modern English School, Cairo. In his eight years, so far, at MCM, Kenton has been Head of Science, Head of Exams and now IB Coordinator. When in Reading and Edinburgh, Kenton enjoyed being the lead vocalist in several rock bands, which he now occasionally revives with the CR band, BPM. He enjoys travel and experiencing local culture. South East Asia has been explored extensively over the past eight years. Kenton is married to Justine, also a Science teacher and HM of Wallace House; they joined the Common Room in 2013 and have two sons, one of which left MCM in 2020 to go to university in the UK with the other currently in Remove.