Head of ToK: Sam Tapp

Heads of Department (SS) / IB

Samuel is Head of Theory of Knowledge (TOK). He graduated with a First Class joint Honours degree in English and Philosophy. After a career in emerging markets derivatives trading, he followed his passion for teaching literature and completed the Graduate Training Programme at Maidstone Grammar School, where one of his heroes, William Golding, also taught. After four years as Assistant Housemaster and teaching IB at King Edward’s School, Witley, he and wife, Lynsey (also a teacher of Latin), and two children decided to join family in the region and enjoy the warmer climes of south-east Asia.

Samuel likes to keep his philosophy as Head of TOK accessible: every pupil should have the ability and courage to question what they learn. The course encourages pupils to think about the nature of knowledge, to reflect on the process of learning in all the subjects they study as part of their Diploma Programme course, and to make connections across them. Moreover, IB students should apply what they learn to the outside world and so TOK and CAS play a valuable role in complementing each other. Samuel also coaches football and is a passionate advocate of debating and creative writing within the school.