Head of Prep Manadarin: Victoria Yu

Heads of Department (PS)

Victoria has thirteen years of teaching experience whilst having ten years of contribution teaching and pastoral experiences in many international schools. She is also a founding beak in the College. Victoria completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Shenyang University Teachers’ College, and a teaching Certificate honored by the Chinese Minister of Education in the same academic institution. She also has a Master in Education degree, as well as excellent public relation and communication skills after having taught a diverse group of students from up to 18 years old, in both academic and pastoral areas. She has also helped train over 2000 local Chinese teachers and college students around Malaysia.

As a result, she had developed highly effective teaching techniques and learning methods, which have allowed her to educate all styles of pupils, and stimulate a fun and engaging learning environment that effectively teaches the Chinese language, promotes creativity, and encourages growing independence.

Victoria is also an artist and has sold many of her Chinese paintings and calligraphies while donating part of her profits from the artworks to local charitable organizations. Her artworks have been showcased at many exhibitions across Singapore and Malaysia, and she has been invited to judge a Chinese artwork competition.