Head of Art: Nadia Turner

Heads of Department (PS)

Nadia Turner is originally from Australia where she graduated with a BA in Visual Art from Queensland University of Technology. After graduation she forged a successful art career as an oil painter and gallery owner in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. Many of her oil on canvas works are held by notable collectors throughout the world. Nadia has curated art exhibitions with well-known and prize-winning artists, run community galleries, and taught art to a wide variety of pupils (including children, adolescents, and adults).

Nadia completed her PGCEi at Queen’s University Belfast and, in addition to teaching Art as a specialist subject, has also taught KS1 and KS2. Nadia is the Head of Prep Art and going into her fourth year at MCM. She is dedicated to fostering a creative classroom environment that inspires pupils to express their individuality and reach their artistic potential.

Nadia has three boys and they have lived in Asia since June 2011. In addition to art, Nadia’s interests include music, travel, and nature, and these elements are all reflected in her work.