Generosity of Spirit

Why MCM?

We recognise that we form a privileged community in Malaysia and that privilege entails responsibility. Our pupils are expected to be ambitious in order to develop their individual potential as fully as they can as scholars, artists, actors, musicians and athletes but also in a more collective sense as friends, neighbours and citizens. They are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities open to them and to accept responsibility for their own progress but also to look beyond Marlborough College Malaysia and to understand their responsibilities to broader communities and wider society.

Opportunities for service are developing into a rich and varied programme. We are reaching out to partner schools in Malaysia, Singapore and beyond, to develop meaningful interactions between pupils and staff. Through these initiatives we hope to learn as much as we pass on.

We offer our time, energy, compassion and commitment to local organisations seeking support. We expect our pupils to originate, develop and execute projects that serve our local and global communities and such work will be given formal recognition through the Community, Action and Service programme, which lies at the heart of the IB Diploma course, and through an Outreach service and charity programme in which every pupil in every year of the school participates.


We are conscious of our duty to equip young people to exercise leadership not as an expression of personal ambition but as a form of service to others.

There are opportunities to develop leadership by taking responsibility in many spheres of human endeavour within our boarding and day school in Malaysia. For example through captaincy of sports teams, debating, public speaking, positions of leadership within boarding houses and school-wide roles as charity representatives and in running societies. We also value quiet leadership: living and working within the boarding and day school community as an example to others of incarnate integrity.


Education cannot be complete without a considered approach to spiritual life. We aim to equip young people with a spiritual vocabulary which will enable them to explore the world beyond the constraints of self and which will enable them to make their own way towards faith.

We are proud of all pupils, no matter their religious affiliations and backgrounds, who engage seriously with philosophical, ethical and spiritual questions. Discussion of these matters can be lively but are of importance within our international school community.