Deputy Head Pastoral: Magnus Cowie

Management Team (SS) / Pastoral / Guidance (SS) / Senior Management Team

Magnus is a native of the north of Scotland and was previously the Deputy Head Pastoral at Trent College, an independent boarding and day HMC school near Nottingham, prior to which he taught oversees. He graduated in Maths and Computer Science from Glasgow and has an MEd from Manchester and a PGCE from Jordanhill College of Education. He is an experienced ISI inspector of Educational Quality, Boarding, Regulatory Compliance and international schools under BSO. He has also worked closely with Geelong and Wellington to develop a Positive Education course which embraces Wellbeing and other aspects of PSHE and young people’s mental health. Magnus is married to Gillian, a modern linguist, and has two daughters in their 20s, Marianne and Jane. He is a keen diver, with over 400 dives worldwide, enjoys golf, cooking and football.