Academic Rigour

Why MCM?

Rigorous academic programmes and high quality teaching instil a love of learning for its own sake amongst pupils. Pupils of all ages are expected to develop a spirit of scholarly enthusiasm through making the most of the many cultural and academic opportunities available to them within and beyond formal lessons at Marlborough College Malaysia.

The curriculum in the early years of the Preparatory and the Junior section of the Senior School develops core skills and explores intellectual possibility. Through a coherent, broad, integrated curriculum we instruct pupils formally and, over time, ensure all pupils can think for themselves. Our curriculum challenges the youngest Marlburians to risk an opinion, to listen to the voice of others, to explore intellectual pathways, to discover academic passions and to think creatively. Traditional core subjects are supplemented extensively throughout our early years with study in the arts and languages. Our curriculum embraces contemporary, local themes relevant to life for pupils with homes and future lives in Malaysia, Singapore or south-east Asia.

The Remove and Hundred years at Marlborough involve IGCSE examination courses. We require a core commitment of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science at this level, as well as at least one subject in the humanities and foreign languages. A very wide range of choices is available as options including Drama, Music, Design Technology, PE, Art, as well as a range of additional languages and humanity subjects.

Our Sixth Form curriculum will be varied and rich. Subject to authorisation we will offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which is internationally recognised and rewards all the areas which the College prizes so highly: intellectual rigour, community service, physical activity and critical thinking.

At all times pupils are supported by a dedicated team of tutors who offer expert advice on the choice of school subjects, on Gap year opportunities, on proposed university degrees and the world of work, in the UK, USA, Malaysia, Singapore and the rest of the world.