At MCM, we would like parents to be fully aware of what we are doing to support pupils Wellbeing, why we are doing this and what can be done at home in order to bring maximum benefit to our pupils. This is one element of our commitment to incorporate aspects of positive psychology within our wider curriculum so we are thoroughly preparing our pupils for successful and purposeful futures, whatever they choose to do with their lives.

There is no shortage of relevant issues we wish to share with you so you are better informed about what we are doing to develop ‘life skills’ such as confidence, character, kindness, compassion and resilience at MCM. In doing so I hope you can better see how we are providing a foundation which will help your child to flourish and also inform you on things that can be done at home to help embed these life skills in your child.

Growing up in the modern & digital world is not easy and the pressures on young people today are manifold and complex. There are, however, tremendous opportunities available to those who are prepared for the challenges ahead: who look to learn new things, who build positive relationships, who make positive contributions to the lives of others and the environment; who lead healthy lives, who can express feelings and emotions, who celebrate their own successes and the successes of others. At MCM we recognise we are educating leaders of the future and all of the above are required if they are to lead with distinction and be happy in the process. All of this will be made easier if the messages from MCM and from home are consistent and clear in terms of establishing this foundation for future flourishing.

Wellbeing Blog

Positive Purpose through Outreach

How many times have you been asked the question ‘what do you do?’ It is a staple of small-talk the […]

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How CAS Contributes to [email protected]

CAS (creativity, activity and service) is one of the three essential elements that every student must complete as part of […]

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Reflections on Wellbeing at MCM

The World Health Organisation defines wellbeing as:   “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely […]

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Why We Believe in Sleep

This is a topic that I have mentioned many times in the past, to pupils in assemblies and Wellbeing lessons, […]

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The Fourth C: Covid-19 or Courage?

I recall being taught to fish by the quayside of a quiet coastal village when I was very young. The […]

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Activities to Flourish at MCM

For many people, the period of lockdown has meant they have had a little more time on their hands. Without […]

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Positive Language

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.” Lou Holtz This was the first […]

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Wellbeing - Summer Term Overview

Welcome to the first Parent Wellbeing Blog of Summer Term. We are certainly not starting term as we would choose […]

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During the COVID-19 Period

It seems a very long time ago that I wrote the introduction to the first Parent Wellbeing Blog: “I hope […]

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Embedding Character Strengths

“It is not who you are but what you do.” Character strengths are tools we use at any given moment […]

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Digital Wellbeing

What is Digital wellbeing and how do we promote it? Digital wellbeing is being a confident and competent user of […]

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Our aim within the MCM games programme is to support each pupil’s health and wellbeing by using exercise as the […]

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Boarding at MCM

As I welcome parents into Honan on the first day of a new academic year I always remind them that […]

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Why has the Sani become the Health Centre?

This is a question that has been asked by a number of pupils, parents and staff. It is one that […]

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Wellbeing - Lent Term Overview

This term we will be covering a wide range of topics at a level that is age-appropriate and informed by […]

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Wellbeing Blog Intro

Dear Parents, I hope 2019 ended well and the new decade has started on a positive note for you and […]

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Below is a beautiful piece of artwork created by a Year 8 Pupil.