Health Centre

Health Centre at Marlborough College Malaysia

“The College is commended for the work of its health and counselling services,especially in relation to their support for the community during the pandemic and with regard to their contribution to the quality of well-being provision.“ – COBIS Report 2021

Medical Care

The Medical Centre

The Medical Centre (known as the Sani) is staffed 24 hours a day by a team of Registered Nurses. The team in the Medical Centre are fully involved in the life of the College and play a major role in treating pupils who are unwell whilst also promoting positive health for all pupils and staff. For all routine treatments and repeat prescriptions, pupils are encouraged to come to the Medical Centre at surgery times. Emergencies and sudden illnesses, on the other hand, can be dealt with at any time. Admissions to the Medical Centre can be made for short term observation (“lying down”) for minor illnesses, or for longer term care. All long term admissions are notified to parents and HMs as soon as possible.

Hospital out-patient and other appointments are monitored by the Medical Centre and transport arranged by them.

Routine visits to the school doctor are three times a week, however emergency appointments are arranged as required. If necessary the Doctor will arrange further investigations at Gleneagles. The cost of the appointment is added to the College bill but can be claimed on medical insurance.

All new boarders will have a medical/health talk in the Sani within the first few weeks of arriving at school. This is an opportunity for the students to familiarise themselves with the Sani.

All parents are asked to make a full medical declaration before admission is completed.

Every boarder must be registered with a medical insurance policy while the pupil is at the School. This provides for treatment through our agreement with the nearby international hospital, Gleneagles, ten minutes from our site. If day pupils require urgent medical treatment, parents will be contacted regarding health cover and preferred hospitals. If parents cannot be reached, treatment will be sought at Gleneagles at parental expense.


College Counsellor

The Wellbeing of your child is paramount to us.

Having a dedicated College Counsellor we are able to support the pastoral care of pupils experiencing emotional difficulties.

The service is confidential to create a trusting and open dialogue between pupil and counsellor, unless where risk is identified. The College Counsellor works alongside the Senior Nurse and the Nursing Team at the Health Centre as well as the Head of Pastoral Care, Housemasters and Mistresses, Dames and Tutors.

One to one sessions, staff development and tailored pupil workshops are available to ensure a flexible approach, across the whole school.

The College Counsellor is a qualified Psychotherapist who offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and has a wealth of diverse experience spanning 30 years. In addition to providing 1:1 care for pupils; the College Counsellor also trains teams of boarders and day pupils to act as Peer Mentors. This is part of establishing a caring culture in the College so pupils can confidently support their peers when facing a troubling time; confident in what they can do to help and when they need to refer the matter on to a member of the pastoral team.