Senior Boarding

Full Boarding for Shell to Upper Sixth (Years 9 to 13)

The working week at Marlborough is full and, for boarders, weekends also offer an extensive programme of structured activities, social occasions and other opportunities. The Sixth Form have Saturday morning lessons.

The forming of close-knit relationships is essential to effective boarding and it is often in the ‘spaces between’ – between lessons, before school, after school, after prep and before bedtime that boarders converse, discuss and engage with each other. This is in addition to the wide-ranging curriculum and sporting activities on offer.

Pupils’ personal growth is at the core of the boarding experience – boarders will grow as individuals and as a team (in their houses as well as sporting, debating and other teams). They are able to experience leadership and responsibility on a daily basis, not just for themselves, but also for those around them.

Whilst boarding at Marlborough, the pupils are at the centre of an intricate structure that supports them through their academic, emotional and physical growth. The three Cs are central; Compassion, Companionship and Conversation.

Senior Boarding Houses