Prep Boarding

Full or Weekly Boarding for Years 5 to 8

Marlborough College Malaysia has exceptional ‘HMs’: Housemasters and Housemistresses who act in loco parentis. They understand that boarding is a valuable experience for pupils which complements the relationships of the classroom, laboratory or sports field. Our HMs go beyond being just excellent teachers and caregivers, they are role models for the children in their houses.

The Prep boarding houses are in close proximity to the Senior Boys’ and Girls’ houses and are served by all the same sporting and educational facilities.

Full boarding and weekly boarding are available to pupils in Years 5-8. Weekly boarding allows pupils to return home every Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with their families, returning to school on Sunday evening for prep.

Each Prep boarding house has a team of visiting tutors and several adults living in accommodation attached to the House: an HM, a Resident House Tutor (RHT) and a Dame, who look after the day-to-day running of the House and the welfare of the boarding pupils.

Prep Boarding Houses