School Rules

School Rules

Marlborough College Malaysia is a boarding and day school, committed to the notion that living and working together in a co-educational community with shared and positive values enables everyone to flourish. The School ’s rules operate to provide a firm foundation to support every member of the community so they are treated equally regardless of differences in ethnic background, culture, language, religion, gender, ability or disability.

All members of Marlborough College Malaysia have the right to enjoy their lives free of bullying and harassment (including racial or religious), and are expected to treat others as they hope to be treated themselves in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Individuals have the right to expect any senior member of the College to listen and to deal with a problem promptly and sensitively.

As a condition of membership of the College, pupils are required:

  • To treat all others with respect and courtesy
  • To take due care of all buildings and property, including personal possessions
  • To fulfil all College commitments punctually and positively
  • To observe the following rules:

A. The following are expressly forbidden at all times:

a) Bullying
b) Sexual harassment
c) Explicit sexual relations

B. The following may not be used or possessed:

a) Tobacco in any form; matches and cigarette lighters, e-cigarettes and ‘vaping’ materials
b) Alcoholic drinks
c) Fireworks or any explosive materials
d) Any illegal substances
e) Any offensive weapon

C. Boarders require HM permission whenever they leave site or to be out of House after 6.30pm

D. Out of Bounds

The following areas are strictly out of bounds for all pupils: 

  1. Outside boundary fences of the school grounds
  2. Under or on top of buildings
  3. Staff accommodation unless invited
  4. Kitchen and administration block without permission
  5. Swimming pools, lake and sports facilities, unless express permission has been given by a beak
  6. Boys in Girls’ House, Girls in Boys’ House, except in the Common Room at designated times, subject to the House visitor’s policy 
  7. Grass in Court (except for Prefects)
  8. Any closed areas on campus, as directed by signage
  9. Car parks, unless being collected or dropped off

The following areas are strictly out of bounds for Senior School pupils: 

  1. The Prep School grounds and classrooms outside supervised activities, unless accompanied by a beak
  2. Across the road circling the Senior School after dark (except for Wills and Steel Houses, and the AstroTurf during a planned activity after dark when the lights are on)

The following areas are strictly out of bounds for Preparatory School pupils: 

  1. The School grounds and classrooms outside supervised activities, unless accompanied by a beak or TA
  2. Any of the roads around the Preparatory School unless accompanied by a beak or TA.

E. Rules of Custom

  1. Eating and drinking are not permitted outside designated areas. Chewing gum is not allowed on campus.
  2. Smart/mobile phones and other devices should be kept on the person or locked away at all times. Pupils may use phones/devices discreetly before and after school hours and for essential communication during breaks and lunchtime. Phones and devices may not be used when walking about the College, or in the Dining Hall. Boarders may use mobile phones and devices as directed by HMs, subject to House rules. HMs may collect mobile phones/devices at the end of the day. Inappropriate use of communication devices will result in their confiscation for a period of time determined by the HM or Head of Year (Prep) and analysis of content will take place if misuse is suspected. Essential and personal communication by pupils during periods of mobile phone/device confiscation can be arranged through the HM.
  3. Laser pointers are not allowed.
  4. Visiting other boarders’ rooms during Study Periods, Studies or Prep is not allowed, unless directed by HM.
  5. In Court: ball games may not be played; boots with studs may not be worn.
  6. The Master must approve all fund-raising activities in the College in advance.
  7. Bicycles, skateboards and scooters are forbidden for general use around the College.
  8. IT facilities, whether College-owned or private, must be used in accordance with the Acceptable User Policy, which relates to Information Technology facilities, items of equipment and their use. Inappropriate images or material may be neither stored nor viewed on a PC, laptop or device.

F. Notes and rules for Day Pupils:

  1. Day Pupils must uphold high standards of dress and behaviour when traveling between the College and home. They should be dressed in appropriate uniform for the day.
  2. Day Pupils not travelling by College bus should arrive by 8.20 am and should register in Form rooms for Prep School pupils and with Day HMs for Senior School pupils immediately on arrival.
  3. Weekends:
    1. i) Day Pupils are not required to attend College at the weekend, except Sixth Formers, for lessons on Saturday, and all pupils for specified school activities, e.g. House Matches.
    1. ii) Day Pupils may only attend evening boarders’ functions, as directed by HMs, or SMT.

G. Dress and Appearance:

  1. School uniform should be worn at all times, from 8.20am until 4.15pm on a weekday, during lesson time on Saturday for the Sixth Form and on formal occasions, where parents or guests are in attendance. For certain occasions, Smart Casual dress may be worn, e.g. Chapel on a Sunday morning.
  2. Dress for sport should always be the regulation kit as on the Clothing List.
  3. Informal dress must always be clean, tidy, in good condition and moderate in style. No hats should be worn other than sun hats.

The following guidelines should clarify uniform rules:

  • Only navy-blue uniform socks may be worn (long socks with hoops for Y7&8 boys only).
  • Shoes should be polishable black formal shoes that are not trainers or sports shoes. They should hold the heel and never be worn as slippers.
  • Senior School boys’ shirts should be tucked in at all times.
  • Girls’ kilts and dresses must be to the knee or longer.
  • Girls’ Upper School skirts must be ankle length.
  • T-shirts, vests, underwear etc. worn under shirts must be plain white with no logos and must not be visible.
  • Shirts without top buttons should be mended or replaced immediately.
  • When ties are worn, top buttons must be done up and the tie tight to the top button.
  • Long sleeved shirt sleeves must be rolled down and buttoned.

Hair should be moderate in style, not dyed or invite comment. Hair should always be clean, neat and off the face. For boys it should not be on the collar or below the ears. Boys should shave regularly to avoid facial hair. Excessive use of hair products is to be avoided. For Prep School girls, long hair must be tied back. For Senior School girls, long hair must be tied back for service and sports. Blue or white headbands may be worn.

In the Prep School, girls are only allowed to wear one pair of stud earrings and one bracelet or wristband on each wrist. In the Senior School, girls may only wear one necklace, single ear studs or sleepers that are discreet. No other piercings are allowed e.g. nose or tongue. Boys may not wear earrings or other piercing at any time. Only one ring may be worn on each hand. Necklaces and ankle bracelets must not be visible.

Makeup and Nail Polish
Makeup and nail polish is not to be worn by pupils before they reach the Lower Sixth. Girls in the Lower and Upper Sixth may wear light make-up and natural nail polish but it should not invite comment. Boys are not to wear make-up.


Reviewed: February 2020