MCM-Mock-Election-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-03

MCM Mock Election

As a British school in Malaysia, there has been a high level of interest in what will happen in the UK’s knife-edge election amongst both pupils and beaks. As such, it seemed a perfect opportunity to capture that interest by running our own mock UK general election here at school. Miss Gueganton, one of our […]

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Year-8-Tioman-Diving-Trip-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-08

Year 8 Tioman Diving Trip

On 28th March 2015, ten Year 8 pupils and three beaks started their journey to Pulau Tioman, off the east coast of Malaysia, with the aim of returning as PADI Open Water divers. We arrived in Tioman with no problems and settled into the Berjaya Hotel with ease before jumping in the pool and trying […]

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1st-XI-v-Junior-Jolly-Wallabies-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-12

1st XI v Junior Jolly Wallabies

On Sunday 15th April Marlborough College Malaysia’s 1st XI took to the field for the very first time against a strong Junior Jolly Wallabies side, made up of players from Johor and Singapore. The opposition won the toss and elected to field on a damp morning and this looked to be a good decision as […]

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MCM-Appoints-First-Prefects-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-01

MCM Appoints First Prefects

Marlborough College Malaysia appointed its first cohort of Prefects to commence duties at the start of the Summer term 2015. From this group of ten pupils, a Head Boy and Head Girl (Senior Prefects) will be selected in due course. Prefects have been a feature at Marlborough throughout its history. The College Register tells us […]

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Greenland-Scholarship-Programme-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-04

Greenland Scholarship Programme

Through their corporate social responsibility programme, Greenland Danga Bay Sdn Bhd has contributed RM500,000 towards a scholarship programme for the College. In a ceremony held at the end of last term, Wu Shao Hua, General Manager of Greenland, signed a memorandum of understanding with HY Lau, an OM (C2, 1970-75) and a member of the […]

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MCM Pupils Win Taekwando Gold

Marlborough College Malaysia was represented in the recently held Singapore Taekwando Federation championships by Natasha and Nadia, who both managed to win gold medals in their respective classes. Natasha’s opponent retired hurt due to the strength of Natasha’s kicks and blocks and Nadia, as usual, was extremely fast scoring 13-0 in one bout. (A score […]

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GCSE-Design-Technology-Projects-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-12

GCSE Design Technology Projects

As part of their GCSE Design and Technology course, the Remove pupils were asked to design and make a docking station for an MP3 player. They were free to explore a variety of materials and techniques but there had to be an element of Computer Aided Design work included. Here are this year’s fantastic results […]

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MCM-v-Singapore-Cricket-Club-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-16

MCM v Singapore Cricket Club

Sunday 22nd March marked the first fixture between the Singapore Cricket Club and the College. Both the Master and Hugh Darwell, captain of the SCC side, stressed that this would be the start of a close relationship between the two institutions and an invitation has already been extended for Marlborough to play at the Padang […]

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MCM-Rocks-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-11

MCM Rocks 2015

The College held its very first rock show at the weekend called MCM Rocks 2015. The 12 different acts brought together a wealth of talent from across the Senior School. There were established groups that have been run as school activities; as well as pupils who have taken it upon themselves to put something together […]

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Marlborough-Miles-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-21

Marlborough Miles 2015

This year’s Marlborough Miles charity event marked the Coronation of His Majesty the Sultan of Johor. The spirited MCM community was welcomed with clear blue skies for a morning on the ‘Marlborough Mile’. After the success of last year’s journey from MCM to MCUK we decided to raise the target further; taking us through the […]

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Year-3-and-4-Showcases-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-12

Year 3 and 4 Showcases

Years 3 and 4 have been exploring the fantastical writing of Dr. Seuss. The pupils explored the sensational plots and mythical characters. They worked hard on their use of facial expressions, gestures, voice and of course on enjoying being in the spotlight. For many pupils this was their first opportunity to perform on stage. The College believes all […]

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Remove Economists Earn Brownie Points

This week the Remove economics pupils have been cooking up a storm (cooking up Brownies actually!) in order to illustrate the effects of competitive markets. The 40 pupils were split into 8 equally sized companies and given the task of selling the same product – chocolate brownies. Each team was given 50 MYR as ‘start-up […]

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Oxbridge and KTJ Debating Forum Trip

Four MCM pupils took part in the Oxbridge and KTJ Debating Forum, an event that gives young people the opportunity to listen to academic speakers and to take part in competitive debating themselves. The day started with alumni from Oxford and Cambridge Universities debating the motion: ‘This House believes that Modern Media is malignant and not […]

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Pi-Day-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-06

Pi Day

Pi Day is celebrated to acknowledge just how special the irrational number Pi is. In the US, 14th March is written 3.14. This year is especially important since the date is written 3.14.15, an occurrence that happens once a century. The challenge was laid down in Wednesday’s assembly at the end of a presentation entitled, […]

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BBC-Singers-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-12

BBC Singers

We were delighted to welcome Edward Goater, full-time member of the BBC Singers, to the College on Wednesday 11th March. The BBC Singers are one of the only full-time professional choirs in the world, and as such, are in extraordinarily high demand due to their phenomenal skills in being able to perform a very wide […]

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KL-Saracens-International-10s-tournament-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-08

KL Saracens International 10s tournament

Over the weekend, Marlborough College Malaysia sent five age groups up to the KL Saracens International 10s tournament. This tournament sees the best clubs and schools in Malaysia take on the best clubs from around South East Asia. Notable contenders and regular champions include Centaurs Rugby Club, Hong Kong Football Club and also the hosts, […]

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Parents-v-Common-Room-Annual-Golf-Match-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-01

Parents v Common Room Annual Golf Match

The eagerly anticipated Parents v Common Room annual golf match was held last weekend at the Palm Resort Golf and Country Club in Johor. Playing on the Cempaka Course for the honour of winning the Tony Jacklin Cup, the Parents’ team fought hard and achieved a convincing victory of 5-1 over the valiant Common Room […]

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Hundred-and-Lower-Sixth-Careers-Fair-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-02

Hundred and Lower Sixth Careers Fair

On Friday 27th February, Marlborough College Malaysia held its second Careers Fair for pupils in Hundred and Lower Sixth. A number of parents, Old Marlburians and professionals from the area visited to speak to the pupils and to field questions about their chosen career path. The pupils left the discussions feeling inspired and more aware […]

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OM-Dinner-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-05

OM Dinner 2015

Members of the Marlburian Club and their spouses met at the Singapore Island Golf and Country Club at the invitation of the Singapore Marlburian Club Secretary, HY Lau, and the President of the Club, Richard Fleck on Saturday 28th February. With nearly sixty people present HY Lau introduced the Masters of the two Marlboroughs, Jonathan […]

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Year-7-Science-Competition-Power-For-the-World-15-British-International-School-Johor Bahru-Malaysia-01

Year 7 Science Competition – Power For the World

Year 7 started their new topic in Science: Energy Resources. What better way to start this topic than with an inter-house competition! The aims of the competition were for the pupils to gain an understanding of how renewable energy can provide power in rural communities in developing countries, and to build empathy with people in the […]

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