at Marlborough College Malaysia

Netball is one of the performance sports for girls at MCM in both the Prep and Senior school.

We start fixtures in Year 4 and this continues up all the way up to the first team. Pupils are taught by passionate and experienced staff, including both our Prep and Senior Head of Girls Games, who both specialise in netball.

Our teams play many home and away fixtures against other schools during the netball season. Every year we host our Straits Netball Tournaments for different age groups, which feature teams from Johor, KL, Singapore, and other parts of South-East Asia. We also regularly compete in the Fobisia Netball tournament at U14, U16 and U18 level.

Other fixtures include highly competitive matches with Singapore schools, games with many local schools, and internal house matches. We are proud that we can cater to many different levels and as a result, netball is a very popular sport with a large number of girls involved.

On campus we have six outdoor courts and a further three indoor air-conditioned courts which allows us to host numerous fixtures throughout the season and continue with training even in extreme weather conditions.

Netball is the performance sport for season 3 of the sporting calendar, and so becomes the dominant sport in games for February April. There is also regular after school training and activities sessions available for pupils to further develop as players.