at Marlborough College Malaysia


Hockey provides a wonderful framework for students to develop teamwork, sportsmanship, and individual skill in a relatively contact-free environment. The ability for students to transfer these skills to the indoor and outdoor game variants in both single-sex and mixed games further soldifies it as a growing sport for the College. On top of this the game is a prominent sport in Malaysia and therefore an important focal point to integrate MCM with the wider community. In line with this training and fixtures aim to make the most of the enthusiastic staff and students on-site as well as the hockey opportunities on offer beyond the School’s boundaries.


Hockey is primarily played on our astro, a major attraction considering their rarity in SE Asia. The pitch and equipment on-site are constantly receiving attention in order to maintain the highest standards. There are also two sports halls which are used for both practice and playing the indoor format of the game, a sporting component that has seen a great rise in attention due to the speed and skill level required to play.


For girls, hockey is a performance sport in Season 1 and for boys, it is in Season 4. Hockey is also available within the clubs programme throughout the year, as an active sport.

Pupils begin to learn the fundamentals of the game in the Prep School and are introduced to 5, 7 and 11-a-side matches in both single fixture and tournament formats. At this age, a great priority is placed on fun and enjoyment to ensure the students’ engagement and the sports continued interest. Basic skills and movement on and off the ball are incorporated into game-like scenarios in line with MCM’s approach to holistic coaching.

This mantra continues into the Senior School alongside more specific performance sessions to provide more personalised and targeted learning. These sessions include the finer but equally important components of tactical awareness, set-play moves, and higher tier skill acquisition. Alongside this, video analysis and team discussions are integrated into training programmes. This is to encourage the students to become a core element in their own development and inspire them to undertake self-aware learning – an important skill for life.

This Prep and Senior training programme is solidified by regular school and club fixtures, including the hugely successful Straits Hockey tournaments, as well as matches hosted in games sessions and frequent boarding pupil versus day pupil matches.