at Marlborough College Malaysia


Gymnastics is hugely beneficial for children in many ways, it is a foundation for all sports. Regardless of age or ability, gymnastics will increase strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. Gymnasts learn to balance on varying apparatus, power when vaulting and undertake a variety of floor based skills. It promotes discipline, determination, courage and self-confidence and provides children with a safe environment to benefit from learning from their mistakes. Self-esteem will build a gymnasts character and others will understand fairness and trust. Setting goals will become natural, and children will learn to dream big outside the gym.

Gymnastics is an upcoming sport at Marlborough College Malaysia, with a rapidly developing club programme, new fixtures, new equipment and a variety of accessible opportunities on the horizon.


Gymnastics predominantly takes place in the Prep School sports hall. We have a range of equipment including: vaulting boxes, springboards, floor mats, safety mats and low beams. As this is a relatively new addition to the club programme offered at MCM, it is our hope to invest in more specific equipment.


Gymnastics club runs the whole year round for all ages and abilities. We currently run one invite only squad session whereby pupils could be selected following attendance at gymnastics club. Coaches look for individuals that are exhibiting potential across a range of disciplines. These are Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics.