at Marlborough College Malaysia


Basketball is becoming an increasingly popular sport around the world. The game is fast paced and integrates many of the core concepts of other sports such as passing, finding space and defensive positioning. Basketball has been integrated into the sport curriculum at MCM from the prep to the senior school. Years 5 through 8 are taught the sport during their games sessions and senior school pupils have an opportunity to sign up to learn and play basketball during games and activities sessions. The foundations of the game are dribbling, passing and shooting and these are taught to the younger groups through a variety of activities which aim to simulate game play while working to develop skills. For the older pupils, modified games are used to help solidify these core skills and at the highest level, players are asked to develop sessions which create chances for improvement in the areas of strategy and tactics.

Up to this point, fixtures have been played with local club teams as well as other international schools in close proximity to MCM.


MCM has two full basketball courts. One is located in the senior school and the other in the prep area of campus. Both facilities are indoor and air-conditioned.


The senior boys basketball team trains during Season 3 (Feb-Apr). The training occurs during games sessions. The junior teams in Years 5 through 8 are very inclusive with opportunities for every pupil to compete within the program.