at Marlborough College Malaysia

Badminton Overview

There are benefits of badminton that are common to all sports. You get fitter as you play, as your game improves, you want to play more and play better, which is when you begin to blend additional training alongside play. But badminton has some exclusive plus points that distinguish it from other sports. Don’t let the innocent-looking shuttlecock deceive you into believing badminton is an easy game. With a top speed of 201mph you have to be physically swift to reach it and mentally agile to work out where to move to return it and how to hit it to win. The combined agility of mind and body breeds fantastic reflexes in the body and advances the ability to process thoughts and accurately develop a plan of action both on and off court.

As Badminton is a national sport in Malaysia it goes without saying that it is a very popular choice here at Marlborough College Malaysia. We offer badminton in both Prep and Senior school and sign up is often oversubscribed. Lessons contain both boys and girls which gives greater variety in the style of game play we can offer. MCM also competes with other international and local schools in the area. Matches are played in many different age categories and MCM has had many recent successes.


We are lucky to have to have 10 badminton courts split across two sports halls. The courts have a professional playing surface which aids a good level of on court movement. Both Sport halls have good lighting and are air conditioned.


Badminton is currently offered in season 1 & 2 (Aug-Feb). As part of the Active Sport programme coaches are keen to work with boys and girls to develop their skills or learn how to play if they have never played before.