“Pupils comment that one of the best things about the College is the community outreach which has becomes part of their lives and instilled in them the value of giving back.” – COBIS Report 2021

Outreach at Marlborough College Malaysia

Our pupils and staff participate in Outreach learning opportunities that contribute to a holistic learning experience and that will make a positive difference in the lives of others, emulating Compassion, Conversation, Creativity and Conversation. Prep and Senior pupils have the chance to be involved in a weekly Outreach activity in addition to the many trips and events run during term time that cultivate a desire to provide sustainable support. These include projects that endeavour to bring us closer to the local community and foster reciprocal relationships with regional initiatives. Pupils often develop their own ideas and are guided by their beaks to put plans into action, enriching their sense of social responsibility and empathy along the way.

Why is Outreach important?

Pupils joining Marlborough are very privileged young people. They are taught to recognise this privilege with an understanding of the responsibility that it places upon them. A responsibility that, at some stage in their adulthood, they will give something back to society, in whatever meaningful form is available to them.
We endeavour to foster this personal development in all our pupils within daily school life and particularly in our Outreach programme, which emphasises service to the community as an integral and important part of the Marlborough experience.

What do we do?

We provide a broad range of opportunities:
Charitable Fundraising provides the opportunity for pupils, parents, and the wider Marlborough community to work together and gives us the chance to donate to important local and global causes.
Community Service sees pupils and beaks give willingly of their expertise and time to causes that aid others throughout Johor and across Malaysia.

Awareness Building gives pupils the opportunity to improve their understanding of the big issues facing the world and to teach their peers more about these issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat restricted our usual calendar of Outreach events and activities but they can be found on the school calendar.

Who do we support?


The College is commended for the dedication to its outreach programmes which have left a lasting impact on the international engagement and reflective commitment of its pupils.” – COBIS Report 2021

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