Co-Curricular Drama at Marlborough College Malaysia

Senior School

In the Senior School, our co-curricular drama programme seeks to increase the skills and understanding of the pupils. In recent years, we have delivered a wide range of productions including Musical Theatre, Shakespearian Plays and Greek Tragedies. Taking on a co-curricular commitment in drama gives pupils an opportunity to acquire a more thorough and detailed stage training, providing the experience and development needed should they wish to pursue Drama School, post 18. We are an inclusive department, and ensure that everyone who auditions for a play will have a chance to perform. We offer frequent theatre excursions, usually travelling to Singapore to experience top-class productions of plays and musicals.  These trips are carefully selected to expose pupils to a range of styles and ideas from both local and international companies. The aim of co-curricular drama at Marlborough College Malaysia is to develop the pupils’ confidence, self-esteem and performance skills in a fun, supportive, social environment. The Senior School also offers a Drama Scholarship programme.

Prep School

In the Prep School, our co-curricular drama programme seeks to involve pupils in a wide variety of performance styles, switching between genres for productions. The department has established a nativity show for Year 4 and an Upper Prep musical for Years 5 to 8. There are also extra-curricular drama classes available to pupils from a visiting Drama School, Centrestage. During these sessions, pupils have the opportunity to work towards Trinity and LAMDA exams as well as explore Creative Theatre. There are a number of theatre visits during the year, mostly to Singapore, in which pupils have the chance to experience watching touring and local productions.  The co-curricular element of Prep School drama at the College aims to strengthen pupils’ understanding and interest in the subject, preparing them for drama study within the Senior School.

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