Senior School Activities

The activities programme at Marlborough College Malaysia allows pupils to access a broad range of creative, active and service based co-curriculars. Activities take place on Friday afternoons and give pupils the opportunity to explore their interests in an engaging and challenging way. With over 40 different activities on offer, pupils are encouraged to try new things and contribute to the wider community around them. The creative strand of the programme includes activities such as; University Cooking, Fashion Illustration design and Health and Human Body which challenge pupils to develop their creative skills. The active strand includes activities such as Multi-sports, Hockey, Badminton and Rock Climbing. This allows pupils to engage in friendly competition and improve their performance in their major sports from beginner to elite level. With qualified personal trainers, and expert climbing instructors, pupils have access to the highest quality coaching at all times. The final strand of the activities programme involves service. Marlborough College Malaysia prides itself on its contributions to the local community and helping to improve the environment around us. Pupils can get involved with Eco-committees, Amnesty International and various Outreach activities to ensure that we are raising awareness of the challenges facing our community in the future.

Prep School Activities

What are activities based upon?

Our Activities Programme is guided by the College’s three C’s:

Conversation – e.g., the arts and creative, including ceramics to film making

Companionship – e.g., different sports from Phuket Football to Rounders

Compassion – e.g., Outreach, Leadership opportunities, and community work

How will activities work?

As a Prep School, we feel it is essential for our pupils to own a broad view of what opportunities they have on offer. We encourage them to try different experiences and to take part in activities that may open new capabilities they were not aware they had.

Younger pupils have more freedom more to cultivate their interest in comparison to our older Prep pupils, who in preparation for our Senior School have to participate in all three principles of the programme.

How does the programme work?

The programme is split into quarters throughout the year approximatively running as below:

1st Quarter – 5th Sept to 7th Nov

2nd Quarter  – 14th Nov to 23th Jan

3rd Quarter  – 30th Jan to 27th Mar

4th Quarter  – 17th Apr to 26th Jun

What about activities choices?

Year 3 & 4 pupils can choose any activity they wish there are no rules, but as a school, we encourage them to try different types.

Year 5 & 6 pupils chose one activity from Compassion, one activity from Conversation, one activity from Companionship and five free choices throughout the year.

Year 7 & 8 pupils now need to choose two activities from Compassion, two activities from Conversation, two activities from Companionship and two free choices throughout the year.

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