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Camp Beaumont


The UK’s leading multi-activity camp is joining forces with Marlborough College Malaysia & UKLC to offer an action packed, explorative, English Language immersion programme. With over 50 camps in the UK and 12 across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand, Camp Beaumont’s much-loved, confidence-boosting experiences encourage 9 to 15-year-olds to step outside their comfort zones and realise their potential.


Since the very first camp over 40 years ago, Camp Beaumont has inspired children of all ages to grow in self-confidence and independence. Programmes are developed with industry experts to encourage young people to get active, get outdoors, express themselves and so much more. With over 50 activities, from archery to junior yoga there really is something for everyone – and every day brings something new.


English in Action

The English in Action Day and Residential Camp programme has been developed in partnership with UKLC, one of the UK’s top language providers. The camps offer the perfect combination of structured learning and explorative experiences for your children during the school holidays. Prepare to immerse your children in a world-class English-speaking setting, where they will enjoy interactive and fun-filled weeks alongside our experienced staff.

The English in Action Day Camp will take place from 8th July to 2nd August 2024, offering a dynamic 5-day programme filled with captivating activities and immersive language learning opportunities. This camp is specially designed for children aged 5 to 12 years, providing them with an engaging and enriching experience.


For 5-12 year olds

• Mon 8th July – Fri 12th July

• Mon 15th July – Fri 19th July

• Mon 22nd July – Fri 26th July

• Mon 29th July – Fri 2nd August

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The English in Action Residential Camp, is tailored for children aged 9 to 15 years. This 15-day camp will span from 7th July to 4th August 2024, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in the English language and cultural experiences. It offers an extended duration for comprehensive language development and a deeper exploration of cultural nuances.



For 9-15 year olds

• Sunday 7th July – Sunday 21st July

• Sunday 21st July – Sunday 4th August


Singapore Changi Airport

Airport transfers can be arranged.


Stay at one of the Top 125 private schools in the world, Marlborough College offers exceptional facilities for an outstanding camp experience. We look forward to welcoming you here at this perfect location with a vast amount of space and activities on offer.

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Marlborough College Tennis Camps

Throughout term breaks, Marlborough College Malaysia hosts tennis camps designed for players of all levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced, catering to ages 6 to 17. These camps are facilitated by our team of professional tennis coaches.


Details of the camp:

  • All Sub Camps will be divided into groups according to their skill level & age, assessment will be made on the first day to place in appropriate groups
  • Camps run over consecutive days during the holidays, with morning and afternoon options available
  • 6 hard courts with an on-court ratio maximum of 9:1 per coach
  • The Camps are on rain or shine with wet weather options in an airconditioned Sports Hall
  • Tournament / Games Day on the last session for all groups. Prize giving will take place on the last day


ORANGE STAGE for Year 3-5 (Age 6 to 8)
Players will use a slightly faster ball with the optimum speed and bounce height for this age and level. Players will work on their technical skills along with tactical awareness. Players will also have specific drills on how to control the ball with spin, specific footwork patterns, and be introduced to the strategies of singles and doubles. Courts are ¾ size and balls are 50% slower.
*Players will be split into groups based on age and ability.

GREEN STAGE for Year 4-6 (Age 8 to 10)
Players will work on more advanced techniques and tactics. The Green ball allows for longer rally opportunities and therefore higher success. Players will use a full-size tennis court, and play with a slightly slower and lighter ball.
*Players will be split into groups based on age and ability.

YELLOW STAGE for Year 7-11 (Age 11 to 17)
Int/Adv: During this level players will be introduced to more advanced techniques and tactics with stronger emphasis on match play preparation.

*Players will be split into groups based on age and ability.

  • Details of the camp and registration process will be given in the college newsletter and on this page
  • Please note that this is a first come first serve camp and a maximum of 18 players per group only due to coaches ratio.
  • Participants should be 6 years old and above for the orange stage.
  • Water bottles, hats, and sunscreen are essential.

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