Senior Boarding

Full Boarding for Shell to Upper Sixth (Years 9 to 13)

The working week at Marlborough is full and, for boarders, weekends also offer an extensive programme of structured activities, social occasions and other opportunities. The Sixth Form have Saturday morning lessons.

The forming of close-knit relationships is essential to effective boarding and it is often in the ‘spaces between’ – between lessons, before school, after school, after prep and before bedtime that boarders converse, discuss and engage with each other. This is in addition to the wide-ranging curriculum and sporting activities on offer.

Pupils’ personal growth is at the core of the boarding experience – boarders will grow as individuals and as a team (in their houses as well as sporting, debating and other teams). They are able to experience leadership and responsibility on a daily basis, not just for themselves, but also for those around them.

Whilst boarding at Marlborough, the pupils are at the centre of an intricate structure that supports them through their academic, emotional and physical growth. The three Cs are central; Compassion, Companionship and Conversation.

There are two Senior School Boarding Houses for girls (Honan and Steel) and two for boys (Wills and Munawir Hill). Each House is led by an experienced Senior School Beak as Housemaster or Housemistress who lives in the house along with resident Deputy Housemaster/Housemistress and a Resident House Tutors.

A Dame, extended motherly figure is also on hand throughout the day to assist with the general wellbeing of the pupils from health to missing clothing.

In addition, a team of non-resident tutors visits the House each evening and spends time with their respective girls or boys, mentoring them and helping to ensure that their experience at Marlborough exceeds expectations and provides lifelong value.

The recommended boarding option is for Full Boarding throughout the Senior school as this provides an excellent pre-university experience, promoting independence, combined with time for academic and personal development.

In Senior School, exeats (weekends when school does not function) and ‘privs’ (individual requests to have a weekend at home) mean that a healthy balance can be struck between being part of a thriving community and also maintaining contact with home.

The College and Boarding Houses are closed during exeats and half terms and all boarders will be required to return home or stay with guardians or friends during these periods.

Senior Boarding Houses