Prep Boarding

Full or Weekly Boarding for Years 5 to 8 (9-13 Years old)

Prep School boarding is accommodated in either Iskandar (for girls aged 9-13) or Taylor (for boys aged 9-13).

Each House is rather like an extension of the Housemaster’s or Housemistress’ family home and each House has a Deputy Housemaster/Housemistress and Resident House Tutor – living within the House permanently.

A Dame, extended motherly figure is also on hand throughout the day to assist with the general wellbeing of the pupils from health to missing clothing.

In addition, a team of non-resident tutors visits the House each evening and spends time with the pupils, mentoring them and helping to ensure that their experience at Marlborough exceeds expectations and provides lifelong value.

Both houses are purposely built and perfectly sized to enable pupils to enjoy comfortable shared rooms with enough personal space for them to express their own identity.

Weekend activities are wonderfully varied and can include trips to museums, the cinema, rock climbing, local restaurants and visits to beaches and local mangroves.

Although most Prep pupils are Full Boarders there is an option Three-Day Boarding and Weekly Boarding for local boarders to go home for the weekend and re-join on Sunday evening.

Prep Boarding Houses