All pupils at Marlborough College Malaysia wear standard school uniform. The Uniform Shop is located at the main administration building and stocks the full range of school wear including day uniform, sports kits, swimwear, hats and bags. The shop also stocks mouth guards, Lamy fountain pens and cartridges.

Purchases are billed via the termly fee invoice. Please see the Uniform Shop terms and conditions tab for more details. Further information about uniform and appearance can be in the School Rules/Dress and Appearance.

Prep Visual Uniform Guide (Download)

Senior School Visual Uniform Guide (Download)

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Uniform Opening Hours (term time only*)

For parents:

Tuesday – Thursday : 9.00am – 11.30am and 2.00pm – 4.30pm

For pupils (to collect pre-ordered items):

Tuesday – Thursday from 10.00 to 10.30 am (during break time).

* The Uniform Shop opens for longer hours prior to the end and start of the school year. Kindly contact uniform@marlboroughcollege.my for more information.

If you have any questions please contact uniform@marlboroughcollege.my for more information.

Uniform Requirements

 Please select your child’s requirements to generate a uniform list.

List of Extra Items for all Pupils (not available from the Uniform shop)

Watches, calculators, alarm clocks etc. should be clearly marked on the back – preferably engraved.

All other items are to be clearly and securely marked with your child’s nametapes.

Any specialized sports equipment brought to school, e.g. tennis racquet, must be clearly marked.

For Pre-Preparatory (Reception – Year 2):
• Ballet Kit
Girls: MCM approved blue leotard, blue skirt, pale pink ballet tights or socks, ballet shoes
Boys: PE Kit (sold with standard uniform package)

For Preparatory (Year 3 – Year 8):
• Mouth guard/gum shield (available at the Uniform Shop)
• Shin pads
• Ballet Kit (as above) for those opting for the extra-curricular ballet activity

For Seniors:
• Mouth guard/gum shield (available at the Uniform Shop)
• Shin pads

Shoe List:
• Black leather polished shoes
• Trainers (with non-marking soles)
• Football boots
• Hockey / Astro boots (optional)

• Years 4 -7: Apple iPad – labelled (including chargers), in a protective case
• Year 8 and above:  Apple Macbook – labelled (including chargers) – laptop case

List of Extra Items for Boarders (not available from the Uniform shop)

Please note that ALL items must be clearly labelled with the pupil’s full name.

  • The school provides all bedding but pupils are advised to bring two sets of their own duvet cover and pillowcases and a blanket if they should want their own
  • Swimming and bath towels are provided but pupils can bring their own if they wish
  • A water bottle
  • An umbrella
  • Net laundry bag x 2
  • Reading books
  • Headphones
  • Name tapes x 144 – to be handed to the Dame
    • Can be ordered from the school shop as part of the uniform package
  • Stationary needed for school
    • Pencils, pens, geometry set, calculator, colouring pencils, felt tips, rulers, etc.,
  • A desk lamp and some posters/pictures
  • A wallet for their money
  • A set of cutlery, a plate, bowl and a mug
  • A labelled shoe size Tupperware box for tuck is essential
    • For Day and Week boarders – enough Tuck for four days

For Shell – Remove Pupils

  • A padlock – a combination is best
  • An alarm clock – separate from their mobile phone


MCM rucksack – for Years 4 – Hundred only
Small kit bag
MCM Drawstring bag – for Years 4 – 8 only
MCM School cap/bucket hat
House swipe


Sunscreen + mosquito spray (most sporting and weekend activities  will be outside)
Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Box of face masks (optional)

Pupils are not required to provide detergent to wash their clothes


Home swimming kit x 1 (should include a rash vest)
Pyjamas x 2
Underwear x 6
Home clothes x 4 sets (T-shirt, Shorts, etc…)
Home socks x 2
Smart casual clothes (trousers and a coloured shirt and shoes) x 1 set (essential for weekend chapel services and smarter occasions)
Formal outfit (coloured shirt, tie, and trousers and shoes) x 1 set (essential for formal events and dinners)
Shoes – school shoes (black), trainers, football boots, walking boots or old trainers, and casual shoes


Non-Uniform, clean and neat, casual clothes may be worn in the evenings and at certain times on Saturdays and Sundays.

Valuables should only be brought to the school if they are essential and should be handed to the HM or Resident House Tutor for safekeeping, including passports, tickets etc.

For further guidance as to recommended or non-permitted items please ask your HMs.

The school reserves the right to buy for the pupil and to charge to the parents’ bill any essential article of clothing missing from the list or damaged, in a state of unacceptable disrepair or uncleanable.

All items must be securely labelled with our standard College nametapes.

 To order nametapes email uniform@marlborooughcollege.my with your child’s name and the quantity you require. Nametapes are available in the following packs: Day Pupils – ( 72 pieces), Boarders – (144 pieces).

Uniform Shop Terms and Conditions


1) All items must be ordered and signed for by a responsible parent/guardian.

2) Orders can be placed via email to uniform@marlboroughcollege.my or in person at the Uniform Shop, during its normal opening hours.

3) Pupils are only allowed to purchase items if a previous authorisation has been received by the Uniform Shop.

4) Orders can only be collected by: parents, pupils (Year 5 and above) and house dames (boarders only). We regret that third parties are not allowed to collect on behalf of parents/pupils.

5) The School reserves the right to buy for the pupil and charge to parents’ bill any essential article of clothing missing from the uniform list or damaged, in a state of unacceptable disrepair or uncleanable. This includes pupils not wearing the correct uniform/kit on designated dates Eg: formal school photographs, sports matches etc.


6) Exchanges can be made in person at the Uniform Shop during its opening hours not later than 10 working days after the original purchase (exception to this made during school holidays). All items must be in the original condition, packaging and with labels on.

7) We regret we are not to be able to exchange products after this period.

Refunds/Credit Notes

8) The Uniform Shop is able to provide refunds or credit notes if we cannot exchange an item that has been found to have a manufacturing issue. This might be done at the discretion of the Uniform Manager, on a case by case basis.

9) Any refunds/credit notes will be reflected in the following term’s bill.

Classroom Delivery

10) Classroom delivery is available for children from Reception to Year 4 who travel by bus only.

11) All other orders may be collected from the Uniform Shop.

Uniform Images