Transport at Marlborough College Malaysia


The transport requirements for the College are diverse and, sometimes complex. As a department, our primary task is to manage the daily commute for the Day Pupils, transport for the Boarders and all the excursions and sports trips.


The daily management of the transport function requires coordination between transport providers, parents, pupils and beaks, so we do encourage accurate and timely communication.


Parents wishing to use the transport service must understand that, whilst we make our best effort to achieve the most efficient journey, there will be occasions when, due to circumstances beyond our control, the time taken will be greater than we would hope.


Please contact to discuss your individual transport and visa requirements. We may not have the answer immediately but can call on a range of authorities to help find a solution and assess each situation individually.


All transport fees may be reviewed for the new school year and announced prior to Summer Half Term.


Johor Bahru (6 Bus Routes) – Rate per term

There are limited spaces on each bus route within Johor Bahru.  Please note that Nursery pupils will not be able to take the bus and a half term’s notice is required for cancellation of the bus service.



Transport RoutesPrice per term
Ledang Heights / Eco BotanicMYR 2,057
East Ledang / Puteri Harbour / MediniMYR 2,057
Horizon Hills / Bukit IndahMYR 2,057
Leisure FarmMYR 2,739
Permas Jaya / Johor TownMYR 2,840
Mount AustinMYR 3,175


Singapore – Rate per annum

The Singapore transport service is available for all day pupils and day boarders from Year 5 to Sixth Form. To facilitate travel between Singapore and Malaysia all pupils must have MACS (Malaysian Automated Clearance System) and eIACS (enhanced Immigration Automated Clearance System)


A dedicated car service will be provided. The cars will depart and drop off each day at St George’s Church in Dempsey. Journeys will take approximately 1 hour and leave Singapore at 7.00 am arriving at the College at approximately 8.00 am. For the return journey, the car will leave College at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday  4.30 pm departure arriving at approximately 5.30 pm 
  • Tuesday / Thursday – Additional 6.00 pm* departure arriving at approximately 7.15 pm

*To allow pupils to take part in after school clubs, music or drama practice and homework supervision, have an early supper at 5.45 pm and leave the College at 6.00 pm

One term’s notice is required for cancellation of the Singapore transport service.


From Year 5 to Hundred

Pupil TypeTransport NeedsPrice per annum
Day pupil Daily round trip x 5MYR 30,000
Day boarder (1) – 

Sunday start

3 round trips per weekMYR 20,000
Day boarder (2) –

Mon/Tues start

2 round trips per weekMYR 13,000
Weekly boarder                                                                                    1 round trip per week (depart Sunday eve, Return Friday eve)                                                                    No extra charge as covered by the boarding fee which is the same as termly boarding


Sixth Form*

Pupil TypeTransport NeedsPrice per annum
Day pupil Daily round trip x 6MYR 36,000
Day boarder (1) – 

Sunday start

4 round trips per weekMYR 26,000
Day boarder (2) –

Mon/Tues/Wed start

3 round trips per weekMYR 20,000

*Weekly boarding is not available for Sixth Formers (as there is Saturday school) 


Full boarders: The cost of each journey will be charged separately and is arranged for the start and end of terms, exeats (long weekends) and half terms. 


Singapore Transport FAQs

Has the College recently run cars to take boarders to and from Singapore recently?
Yes and without any problems provided all the documentation is in order.

What are the drop off/pick up locations in Singapore?
Pick up/drop off in Singapore is at St George’s Church car park in Dempsey.

What is a MACS pass?
Malaysian Automated Clearance System. This means you can enter/exit Malaysia without getting a stamp in your passport. You can also use the automatic lane at Malaysian immigration if travelling by bus.

How can I get a MACS pass for my child?
If your child is a boarder, your Dame will arrange all documents and take pupils to IRDA to get their MACS pass.
If your child is a day pupil, you will need to travel to Johor to get this processed. Please contact Mia Kelly for details.

How many students can travel in a car?
For day pupils, up to six ; for full boarders four pupils in a 7 seater car when travelling with luggage at Half Term, Exeat, End of Term.

How many bags can they take?
For day boarders, they should have one small suitcase for their three night stay.
For full boarders, they should bring clothes and equipment as listed in the house handbook packing list.
For full boarders, is transport only provided at Exeat Weekends, Half Term and End/Beginning of Term?
For any full boarding pupils who are taking privs, it is now possible to use this dedicated car service for a weekend.
The number of pupils in a car will vary for each journey and the cost will be divided by the number of pupils in the car each time.

Can pupils that do not have residency in Singapore travel in the cars?
Yes, as long as all documents to enter Singapore are complete. If a pupil needs a visa to enter Singapore, their parents must apply for this in good time (e.g If they are passport holders from China, India or Russia for example).

What documents are needed for travel to Singapore?
This is changing constantly just now. Please contact Mia Kelly for the latest information

Who helps pupils ensure the MySejahtera app is uploaded and that their vaccination status is correct on it?
Parents need to help upload the MySejahtera app before their child enters Malaysia. Dames will help if there is any problem with their vaccination status not showing the correct details.

Who helps pupils fill in the online Singapore Arrival Card?
If you are a Singapore resident or long term pass holder this is not required. Dames or parents of non Singapore resident boarders can help them fill this in when required. Senior pupils can fill in the arrival card themselves and the Dames will check it for them.

Why is there an option to depart at 6pm for Singapore on two days a week?
This is to allow pupils to take part in after school clubs, music or drama practice and homework supervision. They will have an early supper at 5.45pm and the bus will leave at 6pm.

Will the time of departure change from the College if there is an exeat?
If there is an exeat, the cars will leave at 3.45pm (if the College finishes at 3.30pm).