Transport at Marlborough College Malaysia


The transport requirements for the College are diverse and, sometimes, complex. As a department our primary task is to manage the daily commute for the Day Pupils in Singapore and Malaysia. We also manage transport for the Boarders and all the excursion and sports trips.

The daily management of the transport function requires coordination between transport providers, parents, pupils and beaks so we do encourage accurate and timely communication.

Please note that, due to the length of time spent on the bus, it has been decided, on educational grounds, that new pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will not be able to take the Singapore buses. We would also recommend that new pupils in Year 3 and Year 4 do not take the Singapore buses, although this is left to parental discretion.  Also note that Nursery pupils will not be able to take the Johor buses.

Parents wishing to use the bus service must understand that, whilst we make our best effort to achieve the most efficient journey, there will be occasions when, due to circumstances beyond our control, the time taken will be greater than we would hope.

For the Singapore buses, all children must have eIACS (enhanced-Immigration Automated Clearance) and MACS (Malaysian Automated Clearance).  This means that all pupils go through the automatic lane at both Singapore and Malaysian Immigration.

Additionally, we can assist in answering queries on passports, visas and passes. We may not have the answer immediately but can call on range of authorities to help find a solution.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Transport Fees and Schedule

A half term’s notice is required for cancellation of the bus service.

All transport fees may be reviewed for the new school year. Any changes will be announced prior to Summer Half Term.

Bus routes are dependant upon the geographical spread of parents in Singapore and will be reviewed by June for the new school year.

2020/21 Rates and Schedule

Boarders’ Buses
Day Boarders – Scheduled bus to/from SingaporeRM2,058.00 per term
Day Boarders – Scheduled bus to/from JBRM989.00 per term
Weekly Boarders – Bus to/from Turf CityNo charge
Full Boarders – Bus to and from Turf City or Senai AirportRM 92 per return journey
Full Boarders – Car to and from Changi Airport (vehicle capacity 6)RM 400.00 one way per vehicle
Singapore (4 Bus Routes)Rate per term
Please note that there are limited spaces on each bus route.

There are 8 central stops in Singapore:

Bus 1A ( Turf City)RM5,145
Bus 1B ( Bukit Timah Link)RM5,145
Bus 2A (Laurel Wood Avenue)RM5,145
Bus 2B (Jelita Cold Storage)RM5,145
Bus 3A ( Seah Im Car Park)RM4,677
Bus 3B (Hong Leong)RM4,677
Bus 4A ( Steven Rd)RM5,145
Bus 4B (St George)RM5,145
Johor Bahru (6 Bus Routes)Rate per term
Please note that there are limited spaces on each bus route.

This is a door-to-door service:

Ledang HeightsRM 2,057
East Ledang / Puteri Harbour / MediniRM 2,057
Leisure FarmRM 2,739
Permas Jaya/Johor TownRM 2,840
Mount AustinRM 3,175
Horizon Hills/Bukit IndahRM 2,057


Click here to download a flow chart for Passport and Visa requirements



Click here to download a flow chart for MACS and Singapore bus requirements