Scholarship Programme

The Marlborough College Malaysia Scholarship Programme is a commitment to building capacity among our boys and girls.


A series of enriching, challenging and inspiring MCM Scholarship opportunities in academia, music, drama and sport have been developed to begin in Shell (Year 9) to continue throughout the Senior School.


Scholarships are competitive and will not just recognise abilities within each area of performance, but will challenge and extend successful candidates who will be encouraged to develop not just as students, athletes, musicians or actors, but as leaders whose conduct is a constant reflection and affirmation of the values of Marlborough College Malaysia.


More information about MCM Scholarships is contained within the Scholarship Prospectus.


Key Dates for Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications for August 2020 intake have closed.

Scholarships for August 2021 will open for application in Dec 2020.

Application Process

Please return the completed Scholarship Application Form along with any required portfolio, report and Head’s Entry Assessment Reference (references are required for external candidates only) to:

[email protected]

Do not hesitate to be in touch directly should any further information be required:

Tel: +06 7560 2200

Application Downloads