Additional Fees

Additional Fees

Extracurricular activities

MCM provides a range of after-school extracurricular activities and if you wish to know more about them, please contact billings@marlboroughcollege.my.

For these activities, Parents will be invoiced termly in advance for lessons. The normal expectation is for 30 lessons during the academic year, an average of 10 lessons per term. A half-term’s notice must be given in writing to billings@marlboroughcollege.my if parents wish to cancel the activity. Lessons will automatically roll on from one academic year to the next unless notice is given.

MCM reserve the right to cancel a class for any reason. We will attempt to give as much notice of the cancellation as possible.

List of extracurricular activities

  • Music
  • Tennis
  • Ballet (Pre-Prep only)
  • Gymnastics
  • Support and Enrichment

School Trips

School trips are not included in the school fees. The school offers outdoor education trips, overseas sports trips and optional trips throughout the academic year and this will be notified by the relevant beaks who organise the trips. Once a trip is signed up for it becomes chargeable. Refunds will only be given if a replacement for the trip can be found. All trips are calculated on a cost-neutral basis.


Examination Fees

External examination fees for IGCSE and IB Diploma are in addition to the school fees. Fees are payable after registration and will be included in the termly fee invoice. Examination fees include registration and subject fees set by the examination boards and handling charges covering courier charges, invigilation costs and other administrative costs.



You may refer to the Uniform for more information relating to Uniform.



You may refer to the Transport for more information relating to Transport.