Accelerated English Programme

Programme Overview

The Marlborough College Accelerated English Programme is designed to enable Prep school pupils who would benefit from a Marlborough education, but whose English means that they cannot access the curriculum, to make rapid and focused progress. The programme helps them to achieve a level of English proficiency which then allows them to join a mainstream Marlborough College class much sooner than would otherwise be possible.

Pupils are offered the opportunity to enter the programme for one to three terms with regular reviews carried out by the Marlborough College Accelerated English Programme staff. The programme gives pupils a Marlborough College experience which runs parallel to the mainstream curriculum.

How to apply?

Children aged 7 to 13 years old are eligible to apply. Candidates can be day pupils or boarders but it is strongly encouraged for any child over 9 years old to become a boarder. The children will benefit from full immersion into boarding life as they will be living alongside pupils who are in the mainstream curriculum. Past experience has shown that those children who are boarders have found that their English progresses much quicker than those returning home every evening because they are among English speakers 24 hours a day.

External pupils can apply by completing a Marlborough College Malaysia Enquiry Form. The pupils will then be asked to complete a Registration Form and an assessment, after which an interview will take place. Based on the results of the assessment, pupils will then be offered a place on the programme. Places are limited.

The Accelerated English Programme has a separate fee structure.  For further information please download our brochure or contact our admissions team.

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