Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment

Senior School Learning Enrichment

Additional support services for individual pupils specifically include our specialist onsite provision for pupils on our Learning Enrichment (LE) register. Further professional support services will be accessed in Malaysia or Singapore, as required.

The LE department will keep a record for pupils entering the College with a history of special educational need (SEN), such as a specific learning difficulty, physical disability or bilingualism. Where appropriate, the department will also hold pre-assessment interviews for potential entrants.

The College will take appropriate action to support entrants with identified difficulties. We are only able to support children with mild learning difficulties.

The LE department will hold a confidential list of pupils with specific learning difficulties that will indicate the nature of the difficulty and the action required to support each pupil. It is the responsibility of individual beaks not only to be sensitive to the learning difficulties of pupils they teach but to endeavour to adjust their teaching style so that these particular children are not disadvantaged.

Since learning difficulties can become evident under a wide range of circumstances any member of the College community, parents or pupils themselves may make a referral at any time during a pupil’s career at the school. The protocol requires first approaches to be made to the LE department. The LE department will remain central to communication with pupil and parents throughout the identification and support of a child with learning difficulties. The Head of the Senior School or the pupil’s HM will be kept abreast of all communications.

Once a referral has been made and parents are aware of it, the LE department will circulate a questionnaire to the pupil’s beaks and summarise the responses. The intention here is to gather a full picture of the pupil’s academic position before considering how best to proceed.

With full consultation between the LE department, parents and pupil at each step, further action typically might be any or all of the following:

  • An informal assessment in the LE department at no cost to parents.
  • A full Educational Psychologist’s assessment, parents bearing the cost.
  • LE lessons on either an individual basis (parents to bear the cost) or on a small group basis.
  • An application to public exam boards for access arrangements.
  • Information and suggestions to beaks who teach the individual pupil.
  • Transition planning from Prep to Senior school LE Departments.
  • Adaptations to the typical curriculum, in some cases, to reduce the breadth of subjects studied allow for greater focus on core subjects.

Prep School Learning Enrichment

MCM Learning Enrichment (LE) Department works collaboratively with classroom teachers to holistically support the needs of students. Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, elements of ADHD, Speech and Language issues as well as general difficulties accessing the curriculum are catered for through additional lessons.

Teachers refer students of concern to the LE Department for observation and assessment. A variety of diagnostic tools are used to establish the students learning needs and if necessary a specialised learning programme is developed. Individualised support is provided in-class, in tailored small group sessions or on a one to one basis. Continuous informal assessments and lesson observations track student’s progress to ensure their needs are being catered for.

As well as teaching core English and Mathematics skills,  the LE Team assist students to explore learning strategies to develop confidence and strengthen organisation skills. This will enable the students to be more successful in achieving their goals and working towards greater independence.

Please note, additional charges are levied for individual support.