IB Diploma

Workload and Self Management

As with all 6th Form programmes, success in the Diploma is contingent on hard work and commitment from pupils and excellent teaching, guidance and pastoral support from the College.

Pupils are given advice on how to prioritise and manage their workload. As well as dedicated time in 6th form assemblies to the guidance of this nature, weekly tutor meetings are also used to help ensure pupils stay on track and capably handle any challenges.

An assessment calendar is provided to ensure pupils know when key deadlines are.

All pupils have study periods where independent study can be completed. Managing prep tasks is helped by the VLE and the materials available to pupils when they are working beyond the classroom.

The library, the Marlburian and designated 6th Form study rooms are available during those periods.


To maximise the time over the summer break between IB Years 1 and 2, pupils are required to complete a work plan, which is shared with their parents, HM and the Head of 6th Form. Throughout their time at the College, pupils are also given explicit guidance on revision techniques. Producing an exam preparation timetable is also required as U6 pupils approach their final IB exams. This is discussed with tutors and then shared with parents, the HM and the Head of 6th Form.