IB Diploma

IB Information and the Options Process

A number of presentations about the 6th form experience, the IB programme and option choices are given to pupils 1 and 2 years prior to the start of the Diploma.

In January of the Remove (Y10) a presentation is delivered to the pupils. The main focus is to introduce the Diploma: the core requirements, 6 subject groups, the Learner Profile and a values-led education and why the Diploma is a good fit at the College. This is then followed by individual discussions between pupils and their HMs regarding their onward plans after they complete their IGCSEs.

In September of Hundred, pupils are given a presentation about the 6th form experience and the Diploma programme, which is integral to it. Pupils are also given the opportunity to request subjects that are not currently on offer at MCM. Due to pupil interest, this year World Religions has been added. In previous years it has been English Language and Literature, Global Politics, Literature and Performance, Sport Exercise and Health Science and Computer Science. The College is proud of its commitment to pupil voice and the evolution of the Diploma programme because of this.

In January of the Hundred immediately after pupils complete their Morrisby psychometric tests, pupils have their formal IB options presentation. They then discuss their Morrisby results and possible IB choices with their tutors. This is reported to parents. Options information is shared with pupils and their parents. Subject booklets are reviewed and updated annually (to reflect guide changes and the addition of new subjects) and pupils can access them on the VLE.

HMs organise informal meetings between pupils currently on the Diploma and those making decisions about their Diploma choices so experiences can be shared. This is especially useful to help inform pupils about levels of difficulty and the incremental step up in terms of academic demand as well as whether to take a new subject not currently offered at IGCSE such as Psychology or Global Politics. Pupils are also encouraged to speak to subject beaks so they develop a full understanding of IB course requirements.

At the end of January, there is a parent-teacher meeting to discuss IGCSE progress and IB choices with pupils and their parents. Pupils are then given the break to make their initial IB choices.