IB Diploma

The Benefits of the IB Diploma

Marlborough College Malaysia received authorisation and became an IB World School in March 2014. The IBO has just celebrated its 50th anniversary and the Diploma was originally designed for an International context that suits the College demographic. It develops the ‘all-rounder’ and aims to ensure the educational experience balances knowledge and the acquisition of other attributes. It encourages both creative and critical thinking and emphasises collaborative work and communication skills. It embeds university-style assessment, so pupils are thoroughly prepared for higher education. It challenges pupils and fits them for the demands of future employment and requires the resilience necessary for later life.

A range of exciting and challenging courses are offered that will stretch the ablest pupil, but which are well within the grasp of any pupil at Marlborough if they are prepared to commit to their studies.

The philosophy of the IB Diploma emphasises high academic standards but academic excellence is coupled with an emphasis on personal growth. An IB education fosters the development of the whole person, rather than a narrow focus on the academic alone. Pupils are required to demonstrate initiative, independence and organisation. They must regularly reflect and set goals for all areas of their learning. They must strike a balance between committing to what they know and love and being open to new experiences. They must take personal responsibility but be equally concerned with the well-being of others and the strength of the community. This mirrors the College’s ambition to develop fully the potential of all its pupils and to instil a love of learning (in all contexts) for its own sake.