IB Diploma

Academic Honesty

The IBO and the College are dedicated to maintaining high standards of academic honesty.

The nature of academic honesty is communicated to the pupils at the College and they sign an academic honesty declaration at the start of every new school year.

As part of being a principled learner, pupils must always submit their own work and acknowledge their sources. All instructions for IB assignments include reminders about both academic presentation and the requirements of referencing. All IB pupils are taught the Oxford referencing system through the Extended Essay process.

All work submitted to IB for assessment will have been run through Turnitin at MCM and the level of similarity to other sources is checked. Pupils have access to the similarity reports and discuss any issues with beaks. Once assignments are uploaded to IBIS for assessment they will also be run through anti-plagiarism software.

The Senior School Common Room is immensely supportive of the pupil’s body and understands how much help and encouragement is needed by those undertaking the Diploma programme. However, IB subject guides clearly stipulate the nature and amount of feedback beaks are allowed to give to pupils. For example, whether the feedback is allowed in written or verbal form and how many drafts a pupil is allowed to submit for comment. This varies from subject to subject and pupils need to take responsibility for the process and respect the guidelines.

Beaks need to oversee the production of Internal Assessments and Written Assignments and verify the authenticity of that work. Pupils are also required to sign a declaration for each piece of work confirming that they have produced it independently. Whilst external tutors may help pupils prepare for examinations by reviewing subject content, developing revision approaches and refining revision techniques, tutors should not assist in the production of written assignments of internal assessments (whether written or oral).