IGCSE Examinations

In the first three years of the Senior School, pupils prepare for and sit International GCSEs (or IGSCEs).

The IGSCEs are a set of qualifications that are usually taken at the end of British Year 11 (US Grade 10). They are a culmination of two years’ work and involve largely end of course examinations, however, some courses have a coursework element. Grades are awarded on a 1-9 / A*-G scale depending on the examination board.

In the Shell to Hundred (Year 9 – 11) programme at Marlborough College Malaysia, some subjects are compulsory and others may be taken as options.  Some pupils who have a particular linguistic or mathematical ability will sit these IGCSEs a year early in Year 10 (US Grade 9). Most pupils sit between eight and ten subjects.

All pupils follow the core curriculum: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, and the three Sciences. Four further subjects may be chosen from within the lists below (within various option groups):


Option 1 Language
Chinese as a Foreign Language
First Language Chinese
Second Language Chinese
Malay as Foreign Language
Malay as First Language

Option 2 Humanities
Business Studies
Religious Studies

Option Subjects
Art and Design
Computer Science
Design and Technology
Physical Education

All pupils also continue with the sports and activities programme mentioned above.