IGCSE Examinations

In the first three years of the Senior School, pupils prepare for and sit International GCSEs (or IGSCEs).

The IGSCEs are a set of qualifications that are usually taken at the end of British Year 11 (US Grade 10). They are a culmination of two years’ work and involve largely end of course examinations, however, some courses have a coursework element. Grades are awarded on a 1-9 / A*-G scale depending on the examination board.IGCSEs and GCSEs are graded on either a 9 – 1 or A* – A scale, depending on the board and syllabus, with 9 and 8 being equivalent to A*, 7 – A, 6 – B, 5 and 4 – C, 3 – D, 2 – E or F and 1 – G. We use two examination boards, Cambridge International Examinations and EdExcel, with the choice resting with each department who will decide based on which syllabus best prepares the pupils for the next step.

In the Shell to Hundred (Year 9 – 11) programme at Marlborough College Malaysia, some subjects are compulsory and others may be taken as options.  Some pupils who have a particular linguistic or mathematical ability will sit these IGCSEs a year early in Year 10 (US Grade 9). Most pupils sit between eight to ten subjects. The current subjects we offer at Marlborough College Malaysia are: Science (Double Award), Separate Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Economics, Geography, Business Studies, Religious Studies, History, Music, Design and Technology (Resistent Material or Graphic Products), Art, Drama, French, Spanish, Malay (First and Foreign Language), Mandarin (First, Second or Foreign Language).

Our 2018-2019 results were:



A*- A


 A*- C


All pupils also continue with the sports and activities programme mentioned above.