English as an Additional Language

At Marlborough College Malaysia we have pupils from all around the world who speak many different languages and we embrace this diversity. For some children, to get the most out of their education it is necessary for them to have extra support in English in the form of EAL (English as an Additional Language) lessons.

The EAL department is comprised of specialist teachers skilled in educating speakers of other languages from around the world, in various learning environments. They utilise modern methodology and technology to ensure maximum language development.

The lessons take place during the school day at the same time as other languages (Spanish and Malay) classes. Please note that additional charges apply for EAL lessons.

Our admissions team will assist you in the language assessment process and please contact us if you have any questions.

Marlborough also offers an Accelerated English Programme which is designed to enable pupils who would benefit from a Marlborough education, but whose English means that they cannot access the curriculum, to make rapid and focused progress. The programme will help them to achieve a level of English proficiency which will allow them to join a mainstream MCM class much sooner than would otherwise be possible.