Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Senior School Religious Studies Department

Religious Studies (RS) is a growing subject at Marlborough College Malaysia.  As well as being studied by all pupils in Shell it is offered at IGCSE level (Edexcel examination board) for Remove and Hundred; as well as the recently added World Religions (SL) for the IB Diploma in the Sixth Form.  

In Shell the emphasis lies on following a course of study which gives pupils the opportunity to learn from and about religion, honing a variety of skills and reflecting upon their own values. 

The IGCSE course content is focused on acquiring knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs, values and traditions, through the study of a variety of religions with a community focus on either Christianity or Islam.  

The IB course is part of Group 3, Individuals and Societies, and enables students to promote an inquiring, analytical and empathetic approach to the study of religion while developing an informed understanding of the diversity of world religions and how they affect people’s lives. The key religions covered are Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism.

RS enables our pupils throughout their time at MCM to consider the influence of religious beliefs, consider religious and non-religious responses to ethical issues and respond to fundamental questions of life raised by human experience.

The department is comprised of two subject specialist beaks who foster a sense of learning and bring both experience and expertise to the teaching of RS.  Classes are full of activity with a focus on discussion and debate, as well as group work, research projects, digital virtual tours, individual written assignments and mindfulness.

Prep School Religious Studies Department

Religion plays an important part in both the deeper and day-to-day life of Malaysia. Recognising this, the Prep School offers a holistic approach to Religious Studies (RS). By the end of Year 8 all pupils will have studied the six major religions of the world: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Judaism. Some Eastern religions are also explored and Philosophy is introduced.

In the Lower Prep, RS is taught through the excitement of religious festivals, an approach made all the more vibrant through living in this multi-cultural environment. From Year 5 different religions are taught on rotation. This study includes the history and origins of the religion, its teachings, ideology and the ways in which people express their faith. The pupils of Years 7 and 8 pursue a more in-depth look at the Abrahamic religions and finish Year 8 with an introduction to Philosophy.

By studying such a wide range of religions, not only do we reflect some of the faiths and beliefs of our global and diverse pupil body but we also nurture respect and understanding amongst them.


Year 3 | India Day

Prep | Chinese New Year

Year 8 | RS trip to Singapore visiting a church, Mosque, and synagogue.

I enjoy debating the different topics within RS – Year 7 Pupil


I enjoy RS because it relates to History and Politics and Religion meaning it covers more topics” – Year 8 Pupil

Pre-Prep Religious Studies Department

In Religious Studies the children learn about a range of religious stories to reflect the multi-faith nature of Marlborough College Malaysia. They are able to describe some religious practices and reflect on the feelings of others. The children are encouraged to celebrate their differences in a sensitive and inclusive environment.