IT & Computer Science

IT & Computer Science

Senior School IT & Computer Science

The Senior School Computer Science department at Marlborough College Malaysia aims to deliver an enriching programme throughout the school to pupils of all abilities.

We feel it is important that pupils develop an understanding of the technologies which are now ubiquitous in our everyday lives. Our aim is to delve deeper than simply the use of technology, and as such we encourage pupils to investigate how technology works ‘behind the scenes’, and the positive and negative effects it may have on society. To enrich the syllabus we are constantly investigating new areas where pupils can develop and apply their skills, such as mobile phone app development, and robotics kit programming.

In Shell our pupils cover a broad syllabus which exposes them to the fundamentals of computer science, creative skills such as website design, program development, and the social and environmental impacts of technology.

Pupils in Remove and Hundred take the challenging Edexcel GCSE Computer Science course, which aims to develop their understanding and their computational problem-solving skills.

At IB Diploma level, the Computer Science course develops pupils’ skills even further, developing a deeper understanding of machine architecture and object-oriented program development.

Pre-Prep ICT Computing

In a world where technology is becoming increasingly important, we understand the utmost importance of even the youngest children in the College becoming confident and competent in using technology effectively and seamlessly. Pupils in the Pre-Prep have access to a wide range of technologies, including classroom iPads and MacBooks, along with a range of educational software and programmable toys. They will learn how to access, evaluate, process and communicate information, through weekly ICT lessons and during cross-curricular lessons and activities.