Senior School Drama Department

The Senior School Drama department prides itself on having high standards in work whilst still being a fun and friendly environment where pupils will enjoy their time.  We strongly believe drama should be an inclusive and thought-provoking experience where pupils get to empathise and walk in the shoes of others.

Our yearly plays are known for being innovative and creative. The last few years we have put on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Little Shop of Horrors, Antigone, Amadeus, The Wizard of Oz and Annie as well as countless showcases and workshops. We strongly believe that access to the theatre is incredibly important for the development of Drama pupils and take at least two trips to Singapore to see various plays and productions every term.

We offer the Cambridge IGCSE which gives a thorough training in performing, devising, scripted work and theoretical drama.  For Sixth Form, the IB Theatre course is an excellent choice and gives pupils the opportunity to take a coursework based subject which is well balanced in performance, presentations and written work. The course teaches the pupils to carefully consider both production and performance elements and to think as actors, directors, creators and designers.

We have two Drama beaks within the department, both with Drama degrees and PGCEs in Secondary Drama. The drama facilities are good, with an adaptable performance space featuring tiered seating, a full lighting rig and good sound facilities.

Prep School Drama Department

The Prep School Drama department ensures that pupils are given every opportunity to engage with and enjoy the various aspects of the curriculum. The syllabus is focussed on the practical and creative elements of the subject and looks at a variety of themes, including: Puppet theatre, Ghost Stories and Shakespeare. We have the use of the Green Hall for Lower Prep productions and an excellent performance space in the new Prep School for Upper Prep shows. Pupils will also have the opportunity to explore the use of lighting and sound in the new space. It is important that pupils not only explore a wide variety of genres within classes, but also have the opportunity to visit a selection of different professional shows; to that end, there are a great number of theatre visits organised over the course of the year.

The main aim of drama teaching within the Prep School is to provide the pupils with increased spontaneity, imagination, trust, teamwork, community spirit and self-confidence. All drama exercises and improvisations are designed to refine powers of communication. Drama also develops thinking, speaking, listening, reading, writing and critical analysis through emotional, physical and imaginative engagement. The development of these skills is beneficial not only within Drama, but throughout a pupil’s learning.