Senior School Art Department

Art plays an important part in the creative life of all pupils at Marlborough. We aim to develop an appreciation of art for life as both creators and consumers of art. In the Senior School there are two experienced Art beaks and lessons are taught in specialist studios.

All pupils study Art in Shell and the focus is on developing artistic, investigative, exploratory and creative skills. There is a major topic each term which encourages pupils to broaden their understanding and knowledge of different artists and art movements in order to inspire and generate ideas. Pupils have the opportunity to experiment with different materials, media, techniques and processes throughout the year.

The Edexcel GCSE Art and Design course is a popular option in Remove and Hundred. The course involves the development of practical artistic skills and abilities and the study of art and its various contexts. There is a focus on art and design practice and the integration of theory, knowledge and understanding to reach a personal, creative response.

In the Sixth Form, pupils follow the IB Visual Art course which is both exciting and challenging. The two-year course develops from teacher-directed projects to increasingly independent responses and ideas. Pupils can follow their own ideas, themes and theories which will result in experimental and development pieces as well as a final series of artworks. The course encourages students to become Artists, Critics and Curators and prepares them well for art-related degrees.

Enrichment activities include regular gallery visits to museums and contemporary exhibitions in the region as well as afterschool art activities. In addition, all pupils will have work exhibited at some point during each year and all will contribute to the annual Charity Art Auction, a highlight in the Marlborough College Malaysia calendar.

Prep School Art Department

Art is a source of inspiration and develops children’s creativity and imagination, giving them the opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions. Art plays an important role developing the personality of a well-rounded learner ready to adapt and integrate into the global society. A range of exciting projects and topics are covered with links to the wider curriculum.

We encourage our pupils to respond to the work of other artists, gaining insight into different viewpoints, identities, traditions and cultures. They are exposed to local culture through the art trips organised during the school term in Malaysia and Singapore. Pupils learn how to explore the visual, tactile and sensory qualities of materials under the supervision of specialist art beaks, in purpose built art studios catering for each age group.

Pupils are often encouraged to produce collaborative work such as murals and big class canvas paintings that are exhibited around the campus. The Art department, in collaboration with the Friends of MCM, organise competitions and Charity Art Auctions. These are just some examples of the events where the talent of our young artists is showcased within the community and beyond.