Academic Aims

We want our pupils to discover and develop their abilities and talents in the broadest sense.

We want our pupils to know, understand and appreciate the:

• origins and chronology of human cultures;
• basic physical geography of the planet;
• issues of the day; the lives of people outside Marlborough College Malaysia;
• processes of scientific method;
• nature and importance of language;
• basic principles of ethical theory;
• importance of spirituality and reflection.

We want our pupils to be able to:

• learn independently;
• interact confidently and respectfully with others;
• talk articulately and present information effectively;
• write accurately and effectively;
• make critical judgements;
• organise their time;
• take advice and learn from criticism;
• demonstrate their numeracy;
• use a language other than English competently;
• research effectively;
• make connections between subjects.

We want our pupils to experience and engage with:

• learning for its own sake;
• people with diverse backgrounds and experience;
• high expectations from all their teachers;
• collaborative endeavours;
• the idea of service;
• opportunities for reflection;
• a wide range of physical challenges;
• experience of both success and failure.

We want our pupils to be:

• compassionate and considerate;
• intellectually curious and interested in ideas;
• prepared for academic challenge;
• self-motivated, self-disciplined and independent;
• able to take the initiative;
• respectful of people from other backgrounds, beliefs and cultures;
• properly aware of their own strengths and weaknesses;
• properly ambitious and aspirational;
• open-minded
• resilient